Singing Lessons (Children)

Love to entertain?… Here’s how we do it!

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Kids… Songs are just a story put to music, but if you can sing your heart out or really ‘rock it’ to the beat, then EVERYBODY stops to listen!  We show you how to express and act as the characters in the song and put across the feel of the music, whether happy, sad or just plain funny!

Feeling shy about that?  There is no rush … your singing lessons are like a piggy bank.  Every time you come to see us, you are saving up clever tips towards making you a great artist.  We can start with the music you love (as long as the words are suitable for your age) and progress to areas that challenge you.  You’ll learn about theatre music, both old and new, and (this is the exciting bit) learn how to be a backing singer or solo star in the rock and pop world.

Our pupils get the chance to audition for musicals such as ‘Matilda’ and ‘The Voice Kids’. If you want to fast track to trying for featured roles in local shows too, then you need to follow the latest singing tricks, which you will find here with us   

Want to be like Adele, Taylor Swift or Kanye West… why not learn to play the keyboard with your singing?  This will clearly give you a head start. Suddenly you are a one-man band, able to perform anywhere. You could even try writing a few songs.

Imagine being able to take your own recorded tracks home to play to your friends! … with our mini-studio we’ll teach you how to record and mix your music, creating the sound that you want. ‘How cool is that?’

Adult Singing Lessons

Mums and Dads… For children, singing is one of the most natural expressions of happiness.  They express themselves with basic melodies before they can form words,  but as they grow and emulate the latest pop sounds, harm can be done through vocal strain.  For the shy child, the confidence of others can be quite devastating,  and here is where safety and encouragement really play a part in your child’s vocal development.  Problems with speech are soon overcome with the placing of correct breathing and muscle support within the body and face.

We aim to find your child’s natural voice placement, which often reveals the style in which they will most naturally succeed. Then we establish their taste in music, and introduce other musical genres to develop their musical knowledge.  Simultaneously, we will be mending any natural vocal faults, developing, enriching and strengthening the range, power, quality and expression of the voice. 

Pupils do not have to take vocal exams but our success rate to date is 100%, with most of those passes at Distinction. The kids love the process because they really get to shine.  For the little ones we follow an excellent learning programme called The Steps … keeping song choices suitable for the age group,  children are encouraged to compare and discuss their chosen songs, developing both their musical knowledge and their public speaking skills.   As they progress vocally, the Rockschool pop syllabus or the LCM Musical Theatre syllabus is available … please see our examinations page.    

Singing Lessons (Adults)

Maureen Singing

Those of you who are professional or semi-professional may well be heading for the performing page, so this page is here to help both those who have had a long-term dream to sing and those who may benefit enormously from the health improvements that singing can bring. 

At ‘SSAP’ we strongly support the idea that singing is extremely beneficial to people with health issues and breathing difficulties.

Singing is beneficial in…

  • Boosting your immune system
  • Improving and strengthening your posture
  • Developing rhythm and body movements
  • Helping to tone the body and facial muscles
  • Protecting and keeping your airways safe from damage
  • Increasing the functionality and control of your breathing
  • Giving greater control over confidence and nerves
  • Lowering your stress levels
  • Sharpening your listening and accuracy skills
  • Bringing about an increase in released endorphins
  • Leading to a greater sense of well-being 

We will be working at your pace, never over pushing you, or your voice!

Adult Singing Lessons

Dan Singing

Singing as an activity is about the whole body taking part.The art of singing becoming a real tonic for the soul! Remember that your voice is part of you, even though you may not have heard your full potential yet.

Dancers, musicians and actors often find themselves having to sing while simultaneously doing something else … we teach you how to cope with this and how appropriate use of body movement can help stylize the song you are singing. Singing is the most primal form of expressing emotion and happiness, so prepare to laugh and have fun!