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Faced with an audition?  Whether professional or amateur, performing the correct songs at your audition is vital. You are aiming to beat your competition to the prize! Our years of theatre and cabaret experience can help you source audition material and tackle areas of the songs that may be a challenge to you. Warmth of personality and a well-directed eyeline go hand in hand with well presented singing.

During your preparation, we can help you promote the style, dramatic or comedic content of the piece and address the posture and movement for the era required.  This will raise your confidence and make your performance appear genuine and believable.  One audition goes a long way and often people are cast for other shows from an audition where they were unsuccessful.  We will help you make each audition a positive experience and to see it as a means to an end, rather than a personal critique.

We will help you make each audition a positive experience.

Sheet music and backing tracks for auditions…

We cannot emphasize enough the importance of taking correctly marked sheet music to an audition.  Before singing, you will probably be asked to ‘talk’ the accompanist through your music.  We will make sure your music is marked up correctly, minimising the risk of embarrassing musical mistakes. Sheet music must be taped together, concertina style This way, your accompanist will have 2 or 3 pages on view at any one time, and can easily turn pages without the risk of sheets dropping off the music stand. 

If your audition requires you bring a backing track, we can help you source suitable tracks and edit the key.

Custom made backing tracks are also available, played, recorded in our mini-studio, and orchestrated to suit your needs. We can also cut and edit your music tracks, both digitally and in audio mode.

We can make lead vocal recordings for you but also record layered harmony of your own voice on your backing tracks. This gives a wonderful even sound, as opposed to unsubtle, brittle backing vocals which cannot be subdued when present on internet purchased tracks.

For professional and semi-professional performers, we can write band parts, give advice on costuming and staging or simply help you complete your repertoire with one or two iconic songs or medleys.  

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‘Success’ can help you plan your ‘music set’ for evenings of entertainment or professional club venues.

The teachers from SSAP have vast experience within the cabaret and variety circuits.  Amanda toured Europe in a vocal act, working with artists including Marti Caine, David Essex, Mike Reid, Tammy Jones and Harry Secombe.

Trevor arranged and played keyboard in several bands whilst supporting artists such as Bobby Davro, Frankie Vaughan and The Platters.